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We have moved to a new location in Vladimir!
CLICK HERE to see a tour of the American Home's new location.

At work in Russia's Golden Ring since 1992!

Serendipity-Russia was established in 1991 by Dr. Ron Pope as part of an effort to contribute to Russia's transition from communism to a stable and prosperous pluralist society. Building a model American house was the first major step. The American Home was dedicated on July 4, 1992. It served as Serendipity-Russia's in-country headquarters for its highly regarded English and Intensive Russian programs--and for a variety of other projects. From the beginning, the American Home staff has focused on trying to make a positive difference in the Vladimir area.

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and a summary of our activities.

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The American Home continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic. Our top priority is the safety and well-being of our students, staff, and visitors. We prioritize their health and safety and that of the surrounding community of Vladimir in every decision we make.

We are committed to ensuring that our teaching will continue at the highest levels of excellence.

Status as of July 20:

When and how we can all return to the AH facilities and resume in-class/in-person activities will depend on the status of the pandemic and the strategies we collectively and individually deploy to mitigate its effects. Our decisions will depend on the public health data and the Vladimir Region reopening plan.

While various institutions and businesses are gradually reopening, the Vladimir Region is currently on the 1st phase (out of three re-opening phases), and the policy is still encouraged in Vladimir. There are also sector-specific protocols issued by Rospotrebnadzor (Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights), including for reopening educational institutions.

The AH transitioned to remote learning in April 2020 and online classes will continue until further notice. In this current phase the Vladimir Region educational institutions are advised to continue to foster teaching and learning remotely.

1.   The majority of the American Home faculty and staff will continue to work remotely until further notice.

2.   There are limited situations where in-office work is necessary or allowable. In preparation for the 2020-2021 school year some essential staff began working onsite July 6 while maintaining strict protocols. These individuals must attest that they are symptom free with no recent known exposure to COVID-19 prior to entering the AH facility, or they will not be allowed to enter.

3.    Anyone entering the AH has the responsibility to maintain safety at the AH using these protocols:

a.   Universal social distancing. It is critical that our staff maintain physical distance of six feet. Markings on our floor indicate safe distance.

b.   Practicing and promoting good, basic hygiene. Hands must be washed often with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds; touching of eyes, nose, and mouth must be avoided; coughing/sneezing must be into a tissue or sleeve; frequently-touched objects and surfaces must be disinfected often; close contact with those who are sick must be avoided; masks must be worn.

c.   Wearing of protective gear.  Employees are required to wear face masks and/or protective shields. Visitors are required to wear either cloth face coverings or medical masks.

4.   The AH waiting area and classrooms are equipped with ultraviolet air disinfection lamps. Classrooms are aired during each break.

5.   Surfaces are cleaned and disinfected every two hours. Frequently touched surfaces (desks, doorknobs, chairs in the waiting area, taps in the bathrooms, etc. are disinfected every hour or after each use.

6.    Hand washing and sanitizer are used frequently.  Our waiting area and classrooms are equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers.

7.     COVID-19 related posters and signs are placed at the entrance to the waiting area and in the classrooms

Our staff teaches English to 600+ Russians per term!
Click here to learn how to join our teaching staff. Application period ends April 1st.

2015-2016 Teachers

L-R:  Olya Solovkina, Teacher Supervisor; Andrew Morse, Wesleyan University; William Persing, Bucknell University; Alexandra (Alex) Neiemi, University of Michigan; George (Max) Callaway IV, Cornell College; Adam Treml, University of Pittsburgh; Tyson Trotz, Sewanee, the University of the South; Lena Belova, Teacher Supervisor; Jaclynn Mehl, Goucher College; Michael Cole, University of Montana; Lorraine Roge-Jones, Cornell College


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"Perhaps this is Serendipity's greatest gift - facilitating the process by which Americans can peer into another culture, however briefly, and come away with an alternately chilly and snug sense that people everywhere are similar, but also very different - and in ways that can be utterly pleasing and new."

~Professor Helen Campbell
Department of Business & Management/Department of Criminology, University of Maryland University College-Europe
(Professor Campbell has completed two intensive Russian programs with Serendipity-Russia.)

To learn more about the city of Vladimir and the surrounding communities, 
click here to read A History of the Vladimir Region for Visitors,
click here to watch a video of a walking tour of Vladimir

Left: Cathedral in Suzdal
Center: Sergiev-Posad Trinity Monastery
Right: St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow

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