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Travel Russia with our Customized Special-Interest Tours
Get past the stereotypes and other misconceptions and learn first-hand about the real Russia!

Serendipity will make all the arrangements: visa, hotels, meals, in-country transportation, and guides.  In addition, prior to departure you will be given a suggested reading list; access to our publication, A History of the Vladimir Region for Visitors and an accompanying video; plus an up-to-date collection of “travel tips,” including what to pack. 

You will be met at the airport by an English-speaking escort who will take care of all of the details during your tour.  And - just in case - you will be loaned a mobile phone.  (In addition to allowing you to reach other members of your group, your escort, and American Home staff, you will be able to receive calls from the States with no charge to your mobile phone.) 

You will be able to relax and concentrate on absorbing all that you will encounter - from the often stunningly picturesque Russian countryside, to the magnificent centuries old cathedrals, and, most rewarding, the exceptionally hospitable Russian people you will meet.

Serendipity is in a unique position to organize especially rewarding group and individual tours through the "heart of Russia." Thanks in part to the American Home's very highly regarded English program and many “special projects,” we have a wide range of contacts. This means that we can arrange a variety of unique visits and meetings, in addition to making sure that you see the “real Russia.”

Tour with a group, or schedule an individual/family tour with a customized itinerary.

In the past, our specialized tours have included visits to an orphanage, schools, medical and law enforcement facilities, and factories, as well as meetings with artists and artisans, musicians, English language students, and others.

Contact Dr. Ron Pope at ron42.pope@gmail.com for more information,
or to make arrangements for your personal tour of the real Russia.

Left: painting picturesque Suzdal
Right: Assumption Cathedral - a UNESCO “World Heritage Site” in Vladimir

Left: Enjoying a family outing in Suzdal
Right: Vladimir's Ensemble Rus performs traditional Russian dance

Left: The Church of the Intercession on the Nerl, Bogolyubovo
Right: A picnic at a dacha

Left: A Moscow church
Center: One of our tour groups in ancient Murom
Right: Tour members learning the Russian alphabet at the American Home

Left: Visiting a rural village
Right: Meeting with Russians at the American Home

Left: Experiencing a Russian Orthodox service
Right: A rural corner of Vladimir

Left: Vladimir's historic Golden Gates
A Balalaika player at the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum Reserve

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